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Maddy on Alcohol

Maddy on AlcoholHello I’m Maddy for the Family Peace Foundation.My friend Zara and I are in year 8.My parents are friends with Zara’s parents.You’d reckon that would be good fun for us girls.But it’s not.You see whenever our parents get together, all they do is drink too much.Just imagine the good family times we [...]

Audrey on Warring Parents

Audrey on Warring Parents Hello I’m Audrey for the Family Peace Foundation. My mum and dad are not very nice to each other. It makes us so sad and miserable when they argue all the time. If only they could be more kind and gentle to each other, our home would be great. We [...]

Lucy on Time with Family

Lucy on Time with Family Hello I’m Lucy for the Family Peace Foundation. I love the good times I have with my family. Mum, dad, my brother, sister and me. But we don’t seem to have enough good times together. It seems that being too busy takes up so much precious time. I [...]

Daniel on credit cards

Daniel on credit cards Hello I’m Daniel for the Family Peace Foundation. I reckon credit cards are bad for families; well, they must be! Mum and dad argue more about credit cards than anything else. Well, they used to anyway. That was until a lady came to our house a while ago and spoke [...]

Grace’s Great-Grandma

Grace’s Great-Grandma Hello I’m Grace for the Family Peace Foundation. My great grandma is 82 years old. She told me that her and Pop used to have jars to put their money in. So much for food, so much for clothing, so much for petrol in the car. She said they didn’t have much [...]

Nick on Alcohol

Nick on Alcohol Hello I’m Nick for the Family Peace Foundation. When I grow up I’m never going to drink alcohol. I reckon it’s the worst thing when my parents drink too much. They think it’s funny. Well I don’t and neither does my big sister. And the mornings after they drink too much [...]

Mia on Respect

Oscar on Time Hello I’m Oscar for the Family Peace Foundation. I’m in year 7 at school. I worked out between prep and year 12 is about 4,750 days. That’s about 670 weekends. That’s not very much time for parents to be parents and children to be children. Our family wastes so many precious [...]

Mia on Respect

Mia on Respect Hello I’m Mia for the Family Peace Foundation. Mum and dad talked about Family Peace at the dinner table the other night. We all agreed to do our best – our very best – to be kinder to one another. Kinder in what we say. Kinder in what we do. It’s [...]

Harry on Arguments About Money

Harry on Arguments About Money Hello I’m Harry for the Family Peace Foundation. Mum and Dad argue about money all the time. If we were poor, I could understand. But I just don’t get it! They buy stuff we don’t need all the time and then have fights about paying for it. If only [...]

Tommy on change over

Tommy on change over Hello I’m Tommy for the Family Peace Foundation. Sadly, my Mum and Dad are divorced. They both tell me how much they love me. But they just don’t understand - every time we do a change over, they are both so mean to each other. It is like they don’t [...]