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Teddy – Respect

Teddy - Respect Hello I’m Teddy for the Family Peace Foundation. I’m 9 years old. My big brother Tim is 15. Most of the time he treats me like dirt. I cry myself to sleep most nights when he’s been mean to me – but I’d never let him see me. As for mum [...]

Lily on her Dad’s drinking

Lily on her Dad’s drinking Hello I’m Lily for the Family Peace Foundation. My Dad used to drink too much, especially on weekends. And most of the time our family life was the pits. But on Father’s Day last year, he promised us all he would never drink too much again. I know [...]

Tommy on change over

Tommy on Change Over Hello I’m Tommy for the Family Peace Foundation. Sadly, my Mum and Dad are divorced. They both tell me how much they love me. But they just don’t understand - every time we do a change over, they are both so mean to each other. It is like they [...]

Sophie on Listening

Sophie on Listening Hello I’m Sophie for the Family Peace Foundation. I wish Mum and Dad would take the time to listen to me. I mean – really listen and take me seriously. If only I could tell them how I feel about…well, lots of things really. It never seems to be the right [...]

Jack on Family Time

Jack on Family Time Hello I’m Jack for the Family Peace Foundation. Mum and Dad work really hard to provide for our family, and so I understand they don’t have much time through the week. But if only we could do more things together, as a family, on weekends. My friend Luke seems to [...]

Olivia on screaming and shouting

Olivia on Screaming and Shouting Hello I’m Olivia for the Family Peace Foundation. Our home is not very peaceful. We yell and scream at each other all the time. We all do it – Mum, Dad, my brother and me. I know respecting each other in the family is really important, but all we [...]

Friends Blog

by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg It was the Irish poet and playwright Oscar Wilde who once observed rather amusingly, that ‘true friends stab you in the front.’ The importance of having a bunch of fearless, frank and forthright friends was also reinforced by the father of the positive psychology movement, Professor Martin Seligman, who [...]