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8 Minutes – Better than Disneyland

I’ve talked to many people about the Family Peace Foundation’s initiative of spending at least 8 minutes a day with each child in a one-on-one capacity. Not surprisingly, a common response has been a sheepish and mumbled “I don’t think I actually do that.” That’s fine. Welcome to the world of parenting which comes with [...]

The Power of Family Rituals

The Power of Family Rituals by Sabina Read Since our kids were infants, we have massaged and quietly tickled them at bed-time while listening to classical music CD “Music For Dreaming” playing softly in the background. This simple ritual had a multitude of benefits including creating a wind-down cue for our children that sleep [...]

Important Role of Parental Socialisation

It’s well recognised that financial literacy is an important component of healthy adulthood. Young people who understand credit, debt, insurance and other financial products, and those who ultimately achieve financial independence, tend to have higher levels of financial and overall well-being.  As such, there is an abundance of research which has sought to understand how [...]


  It is a fact that Australia ranks among the top dozen countries for alcohol abuse, with the average Australian drinking 12.2 litres of pure alcohol a year, according to the Global Status Report on Alcohol and Health 2014. The binge drinking culture that is prevalent in university is thought to be part of the [...]