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Yelling Blog

by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg It was the well-known parenting expert, Taylor Swift who once said 'If you’re yelling you’re the one who has lost control of the situation.' The 27-year old Grammy award winning singer and song writer was only half right as yelling turns out to be bad for the kids as well. A [...]

8 Minutes – Better than Disneyland

I’ve talked to many people about the Family Peace Foundation’s initiative of spending at least 8 minutes a day with each child in a one-on-one capacity. Not surprisingly, a common response has been a sheepish and mumbled “I don’t think I actually do that.” That’s fine. Welcome to the world of parenting which comes with [...]

The Power of Family Rituals

The Power of Family Rituals by Sabina Read Since our kids were infants, we have massaged and quietly tickled them at bed-time while listening to classical music CD “Music For Dreaming” playing softly in the background. This simple ritual had a multitude of benefits including creating a wind-down cue for our children that sleep [...]