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Letter to Online Supporters

We thank you for supporting The Family Peace Foundation. We are excited to share with you some fantastic news. Please read Co-Founder, Frank Walker’s full message here.

Choosing Your Battlegrounds

by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg As a psychologist who has spent the last 30 years working with teenagers and their parents, I have often had a front row seat to a wide variety of battles parents have with their teens. Some of these altercations are over very serious issues that relate to drugs and [...]

Amplifying the Positives During Times of Conflict

by Sabina Read Imagine you return home from work, tired and depleted, with your head still spinning over your never-ending to do list. Your children are fractious and niggling each other after the demands of a long day at school; and the dogs are chasing their tails after missing their much-needed park romp. [...]

Sparks or Island of Competence

by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg One of the most important developmental tasks for young people growing up in 2017 is for them to form an identity, to figure out the answer to the questions ‘Who am I, am I normal and where am I going?.” At the Family Peace Foundation, we believe that parents [...]

Yelling Blog

by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg It was the well-known parenting expert, Taylor Swift who once said 'If you’re yelling you’re the one who has lost control of the situation.' The 27-year old Grammy award winning singer and song writer was only half right as yelling turns out to be bad for the kids as well. A [...]