Recognise every emotion

All feelings matter

Validate all feelings

All feelings are acceptable, but all behaviours are not. Learn to recognise your partner’s or your child’s emotions as an opportunity to connect and help them become empowered. Whenever your child says they feel jealous, envious or angry, for example, try to avoid judging, negating their emotions or offering up parental solutions.

Often, we try to alleviate our children’s discomfort or block their ‘negative’ emotions because we want them to feel better. Instead, try to validate their feelings by acknowledging them and asking questions, while helping the child find solutions themselves. This is an excellent way to build your child’s inner resilience in dealing with adversity.


• Negative emotions are opportunities for your child’s personal growth. Don’t waste them.

• Accept every emotion as valid but not every behavior.

• Value the journey your child takes towards a solution – don’t do the work for them.

• Remember that finding the solution is less important than having the tools to approach the problem.

accept and validate emotions

Whenever someone close to you says they feel jealous, envious or angry, for example, try to avoid judging, negating their emotions or offering up parental solutions.

table talk – building children’s resilience

Building your child’s resilience can be counter intuitive. We want to protect them yet to grow we need to step back and let them grow themselves.

table talk – It’s about respect

Being open and listening to the emotions of others is showing them respect.

table talk – making them feel valid

It’s not just about validating the emotion but also take time to unpack the reason behind why it occurred so you understand where it came from.

table talk – is sadness a weakness?

Sometimes sadness can be masked because we think we should feel happy. Sadness is a valid emotion too.

table talk – fighting the need to please

Many times a mask is put forward in a group where a need to please is put forward and true feelings are masked.

table talk – winning all the time

Learning that failing and not winning all that time is part of life. Understanding this makes the times wins happen all the more satisfying.

table talk – is fifth a win?

Recognising personal ability and achievement is vitally important. Have you taken steps forward. That’s the real accomplishment.

table talk – mixing it up

It’s not uncommon to have a respond differently to different people experiencing the same thing.

table talk – not all sunsets and fairy floss

Life is not a straight line of happy emotions. How do you face into that? How do you recognise and validate those feelings in others?

table talk – not liked all the time

There are times when your loved ones just won’t like you. It can be tough to deal with and it’s part of life.

table talk – perfection illusion

It’s important to recognise life is not perfect. Show your vulnerabilities and let those around you know that it’s normal to have the ups and downs life brings.