Be grateful, daily

Notice 3 good things

At the end of every day, take a moment to ask yourself and every family member ‘what 3 things went well today and why?” Helping children learn to notice the good things in their lives is one of the greatest gifts you could ever give them.

Building resistance against the negativity we’re exposed to in the world will benefit your children throughout their entire lives. Studies have shown that a ‘glass half full’ approach lessens health complaints, increases the ability to overcome setbacks, reduces the focus on material goods and increases contentment. Learning to notice 3 good things each day has the power to transform lives for the better.


• Every night – think back over the day and remember 3 x good things that happened or that you’re grateful for.

• Write them in your phone or notebook.

• Think about why they’re good or why you’re grateful.

• Look back after 1 week. How does it feel?

• Keep it up

three good things

Too often we can get bogged down with what we don’t like and forget all the really good stuff. Make a habit of reminding yourself about the good things. Gratitude is one of the most potent protective factors for your family.

table talk – finding good in bad

Horrible things can happen in life and too often that has the potential to send us in a downward spiral. Learn how to stop this spiral even in the worst of times.

table talk – threat of meanness

There is so much in the media today where people are severely judged, where others are simply being mean to each other. It’s more important than ever to look for and encourage good things in our life.

table talk – getting to the why

Taking the time to ask about why things are good creates greater reinforcement and stronger positive impact. Also, remember to share what you find good as well.

table talk – sense of belonging

Even when parents move apart there are ways to create that sense of belonging for the children so they continue to feel safe, valued and listened to.

table talk – self protection

Sometimes when people are being mean and unkind it comes from an underlying fear and need to protect themselves.

table talk – a common underlying theme

When finding the good things that happened during the day, be it what happened to you or something you observed in others, there is common theme. Any ideas as to what you think it might be?

table talk – it’s hard work being mean

It doesn’t matter who you are, anyone can be kind. Plus being kind takes so much less energy. Try keeping a frown on you face then keeping a smile. Which is easier to maintain?

table talk – finding good can be tough

Children can put up big walls creating challenges to finding good things in their day. Overcoming these challenges is hugely rewarding so remember to ‘cheers’ the satisfaction when you draw out those three good things.