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Frank Walker Co-founder Family Peace Foundation

One in three women in your business and mine are the potential victims of family violence[1] and tragically their children suffer innocently [2]and helplessly with their mothers.

The obvious human cost is far too great to comprehend or calculate, whilst the financial cost to the Australian community, according to PWC, is $21.7 billion per year[3]– and rising.

My business is a donor of the Family Peace Foundation and I invite yours to do the same.

From between just $1 and $5 per week for each one of your employees, you will in a real and tangible way, show your staff that you care about their welfare.

The Family Peace Foundation’s vision is peaceful upbringings for every Australian child.

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Thank you for your interest in considering your company being a Family Peace Foundation sponsor.

In preparation of me meeting with you to discuss the Foundation’s work, can you please provide me the following;

1. Number of employees
2. Approximate perentage of men vs women
3. Guestimation of how many of your employees have children

Upon receiving your response to the above I shall contact you with some suggested dates for us to meet.

Yours sincerely,

Frank Walker





No. of Employees

No. Employees have children

Percentage Men vs Women